Providing Machining Solution For Your Specialized Needs

Tech Tool Enterprise (TTE), specializes in the CNC machining of precision parts, tooling, prototypes, dies and productions parts. We are a mid size machine shop, serving machinery builders nation wide. TTE makes tooling components, dies and molds for injections, blow molding and thermoforming machines. Our experience in machined aluminum and stainless steel parts allow us to meet and exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. Anywhere from design to engineering, prototyping to full production runs let TTE be the source for all your machine needs. Our agile manufacturing environment gives us the flexibility to be competitively priced on small lot manufacturing; and the muscle to get larger production orders on time

We at TTE have following goals

  • Produce quality parts in a cost effective and timely manner
  • Exceed costumer’s expectation in quality and turnaround
  • Maintain customer satisfaction and strong customer relations
  • Keep our shop diversified and staffed to meet your critical needs
  •  Maintain in house expertise to identify and solve difficult problems thru ingenuity and good work ethic